Adjusting to Life

Moving back to Texas, for me,  was supposed to be like returning to the Promised Land. I was under the illusion that when I returned home everything would fall into place. I was wrong. Adjusting, or readjusting is stiff business. I have been back in Texas for a month now, and I am just now ready to start my new journey. Here is how I keep my head high regardless of where I am in life.

  • Take it day by day

Taking life one day at a time is difficult. It is hard to stay positive every single day and feel like a productive person. It’s hard, but it is possible. I have friends that wake up every morning with a smile on their face. I am not that kind of person but I nevertheless take life day by day with my head held high.

I revolve around projects in my life. I start with a grand plan for an idea that is floating in my head, and then I put my idea on paper and work my way backwards. I eventually boil down to a daily plan. Since my brain doesn’t organize in the traditional way, I come up with creative to-do lists to stay organized. For example: I am trying to improve my writing and I am a visual person. So, for everyday I write, I add a link to a chain I have made specifically to keep me motivated to write. Eventually I have many links in my chain and I know I have accomplished what I set out for.

  • Friends are forever

Friends are the only people in your life that you get to choose. You have the opportunity to find a person with like interests and ideas. My friends are an important aspect of my life and I would have had an even more difficult time adjusting if it was not for them. Friends are the people in your life that you can share your life with, so nurture them.

I remember reading a great book about improving your relationship with people you are close to. I will always remember one section in the book. It said that your friends are like bank accounts. You have to put capital into them or they are not going to give you anything in return. Have you had a friend that you lost connection with? Put more into your friendship account and start receiving dividends.

  • Accept where you are in life 

I learned about acceptance through Yoga. In some poses your body does not feel comfortable. There is a lot of tension and you can’t do the certain poses. That’s ok. Your body didn’t get tight over night and your body will not release and open up at the drop of a pin. Be grateful that you have a chance, and accept where you in life. If you know where you are, it’s easier to know where you want to go.

Adjusting might be uncomfortable, but accepting who and where you are gives you a sense of security; knowing that everything is just part of the eternal dance called your life.


~ by Joseph Garza on October 8, 2009.

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