Bread is Life?

Recently I saw a neighbor down the street who was gesturing towards me to get my attention. A sweet old woman who I have known all of my life met me in the street and in her hand was a bag full of bread she wanted to give to my family. It immediately made me think of an experience I had while traveling through Turkey. As I made my way through the hot streets of Istanbul, strolling through a quaint neighborhood I saw a man knocking on the windows of the small apartments lining the street. It was a baker! He would knock on the window to wake the person up and then hand deliver their daily bread.

It was a nostalgic feeling and it made think of the other cultures I have lived in, and how they interacted in regards to bread. In Ukraine bread is paramount. It is dark and fresh, fluffy and aromatic.  There is an old saying in Ukraine to never throw away any bread. In times of great famine bread was a main source of sustenance and even that was sparse. I remember being welcomed into the country with a huge, ornate, round loaf of fresh bread. Every meal I took while I lived as a guest with various families’ bread always accompanied the meal.

Now that I am in Texas I love making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with rich brown bread for my baby niece. But, mainly I take my bread here in the form of round tortillas.

I have even gone on to try and bake bread on my own. Let’s just say my banana bread will not evoke too many fond memories.


~ by Joseph Garza on October 9, 2009.

One Response to “Bread is Life?”

  1. ur banana bread needs to more time in the oven to bake :) i will show you someday :)

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