Library Book Love

I just finished using a stack of book on interviewing skills and class room management. The stack consisted of over 12 books, but I ended up using only two of the books. I’m glad that I had all of them though because I just wanted to lounge around and take in information before my big interview……

So, I returned the books back in to my favorite library – The Downtown Library, in San Antonio, Texas. One of the reasons why I like the library so much is because they have an instillation from my favorite artist Dale Chihuly. He is a glass blowing artist from the Mediterranean, it’s called “Fiesta Tower” and it is worth a glance or two.

I managed to get a couple of books that struck my fancy, including  philosophy and anthropology. I am a pretty random reader. I really get into Science Fiction, but I’m trying to read more non-fiction. 

At the moment however I am reading a book called “Communion.” It’s about a person with a close encounter, and from what I have taken from it so far is that: using science, in the form of psychology, to prove the existance of small beings from another place. Yeah! I was surprised to find this book on my shelf. It turns out the book belongs to a friend of mine who is into the phenomenon. I have found Communion a decent read so far, but if it doesn’t pick up the pace… i’m going to have to start skipping chapters.

One final library note. “The Nook” a little cafe adjacent to the library has a fantastic Caramel Machiato<3

Adios amigos…


~ by Joseph Garza on December 5, 2009.

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