Meet Mr. Zelinsky

I want to introduce to the world one of my favorite authors. Before I tell you who he is, I have to start by saying that he inspired me to live the “Life of Riley,” and to live without constraints.

He is none other than – Ernie Zelinsky…. Yeah.. hark to thou on the highest!!! I am in debt to the simple wisdom I found in his book, “The Joy of Not Working.” Usually when I tell someone about his book and its title, they quaff at the idea of it being a good book. The book was lent to me from an ancient friend, and I’ve been trying to live the lifestyle I want every since.

The book set me on my way exploring the realm of self-development and the like. To be honest the book is more about having the right mentality for life, and facing endeavors head on. Zelinsky writes in way that flows natural, I feel that this stems from the ideas he tries to portray, and the innate simplicity of  their intent. On the other hand, actually “doing” what it takes can present somewhat of a challenge.

Now, and since the time that I read the book, I have seen the world through a lense made more clear. It sounds  a  little far-fetched, but that is what a good book can do. It might not the be the book that I am preaching about today…. it could be whatever book strikes a chord with you.

In passing I will share with you some the pictures that I took today while I was biking…. It was an exquisite scene, and I had to capture the beauty of the dying leaves in all of their splendor… I hope you enjoy.


~ by Joseph Garza on December 17, 2009.

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