101 in 2010 <3

Work in progress…

Below is a list I am composing of things I want to accomplish in 2010. I am giving myself a little time, 1 week as of this post, to finish this list. Since my New Year resolutions are almost bust already, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of one of my role models and come up with a list of small goals to achieve for the New Year. I hope to inspire an “outside of the box” mentality in approaching our usual traditions, and without further adieu, here is my list:


I’ve decided to cut my list short since I started grasping for ideas, instead of focusing on how I want to develop in the new year. I have also been influenced by a blogger that I follow Cal Newport, and his idea: work hard, but commit to less. More than likely I will try to accomplish everything on my list, which should make for some interesting stories. 

101 in 2010 <3

1. Learn to play “banana pancakes” by Jack Johnson on guitar.

2. Learn Spanish, and achieve an advanced level on a proficiency exam.

3. Read “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov – in Russian.

4. Find a badminton club, and start playing.

5. Perfect a one-handed backhand ground stroke in tennis.

6. Write at least 100 blog posts.

7. Travel to Mexico.

8. Find a job.

9.  Take at least 24 hours in online courses.

10. Take an online computer programming course.

11. Take an online writing class.

12. Practice 100 yoga lessons.

13. Go on a blind date.

14. Learn to bake fish deliciously.

15. Buy my own domain name.

16. Become a better horticulturist… not sure if this is a word.

17. Take an unexpected road trip.

18. Become more knowledgeable with PhotoShop.

19. Eat at Red Lobster.

20. Learn to cook hot and sour soup.

21. Learn to bake a cheesecake :p Yum…

22. Enroll in a kung fu class.

23. Improve my credit rating.

24. Organize my photo collection.

25. Create an awesome photo exhibit of my time in Ukraine.

26. Develop an online readership of 100 readers.

27. Get paid for being a writer.

28. Keep my aloe vera plant alive and flourishing.

29. Go to a Drum & Bass concert/party.

30. Wear only 1 pair of sandals for the whole year… already wearing the sandals :p

31. Try to make an Android phone application.

32. Grow my rubber plant into a glorious specimen.

33. Go sailing.

34. Go deep sea fishing.

35. Develop the “youth initiative” with the organiztion I intern for.

36. Become an amateur astronomer.

37. View 2 Dale Chihuly  art installations outside of Texas.

38. Chronicle my Soviet biking experience through the Donbass.

39. Learn to read music.

40. Climb a mountain.

41. Not care what anyone thinks about me :)

42. Write an epic poem for my grandmother.

43. Start writing my book on…well I know what it’s about :p

44. Read the other Anne Rice collection… take a peek here if you don’t know what I am talking about.


~ by Joseph Garza on January 4, 2010.

One Response to “101 in 2010 <3”

  1. “14. Learn to bake fish deliciously.”

    I’m with you on this!!!!!! LOL. Can’t get it right to save my life.

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