Wednesday Links

Caught in the Web – I stumbled upon this site while reading through another blog. I thought it was a fantastic idea, being the book lover that I am,  if for no other reason, than to keep a record of all the books I’ve read.

Blog – Great site for building an online blogging community, especially for beginners… like me :p

Scott H. – One of my favorite bloggers. I look to his site for inspiration and ideas….  His blog is about getting the most out of life. I did ask Mr. Young once to check out my site, and tell me what he thought about it… to no avail :( – Fantastic site if you are living abroad and really want to watch American Football. You can stream almost any live sport here for free, and all you have to do is download a program. Last year I hosted a Super Bowl party, at 2 in the morning when it started, with a Danish broadcast…. My buddies and I will never forget the very moving Danish commercials :p

Learn Out – The site I go to when I am looking for a good podcast. I usually go to the “Free Stuff” tab and peruse the full spectrum of its contents.


~ by Joseph Garza on January 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Wednesday Links”

  1. Arrived here via BlogCatalog.
    Good idea to have a link day. It’s always nice to see some personal recommendations – saves a lot of wasted time!
    Good luck,

  2. Shelfari–That sounds like a cool book site. I’m a member of GoodReads ( I don’t know anything about Shelfari, but it’s definitely fun to connect with other book lovers.

    I didn’t know you were a football fan. Who is your favorite team?

    Sorry to hear that this Scott Young guy didn’t check out your site. I happen to like it :-)

    • Koreen, thanks for following my blog. As to your question about football: I am a Cowboy’s fan…. you can’t have it any other in Texas, but I always go for the underdog. This year it will be the New York Jets with their rookie quarterback at the helm :)

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