Here Kitty kitty…

How I Became a Cat Lover <3

It all started a couple of weeks ago. My mother’s black kitty cat was brutally murdered by a duo of ravenous dogs. To that point in my life I had never been keen on cats. Sure… kittens are cute and all, but aside from that only claws remain. 

FLASH BACK (screen play format)

(Joseph) arrives home from a long day of work and exits his car with signs of weariness strewn across his face: Aww… my little kitty cats. Are you hungry?… Did you guys just lie around all day?

(Cats) after carelessly lying around jump to attention and compete for Joseph’s attention and approval: Meow meow purr meow….

(Joseph) steps over the cats and his weary look has turned into a small smile as he enters the front door: You silly cats.


 As you can see a better script cannot be written about this adorable cat. The cutie pie black kitten, whom my sister’s had named Purdy, started to grow on me. So you can imagine my disbelief upon arriving home on day to find her… well.. you know Dead :(

It was pretty sad indeed, but Purdy does have a brother named Tiger whom I have also taken a liking to. It was interesting really…Someone had lent me a copy of “The Little Prince,” and I was enamored with the part in the story where the little prince and the fox have a conversation on friendship or making a connection with an individual… you know the part if you have read it… if not go and read it. Well, Tiger and I are cool like that now and I like to think Purdy and I were too.

 And that is how I came to be a cat lover.


~ by Joseph Garza on March 10, 2010.

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