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I Heart Screenplays Take 2

Hello all :p This is my first mobile post… kind of cool huh?!

Back to the goods. Screenplay # 2: ” Carmilla,” a vampire tale set in rural France, circa 1800. The story revolves around two young and beautiful women, one of which is a vampire. The author, Sheridan Le Fanu, was one of the first to use a female for the protagonist and antagonist role, the result of which makes for some hot and steamy interplay.

Unfortunately it was not in the same format as the previous story I read in the same book, and it fell short; not in storyline, but in character development. The two main characters are left an enigma, and all that is seen is boring French pompous room stuff…. and trust me on the boring part. I waited for the action to start between the two women, but that was my 21st century reptilian brain speaking.

I realize only now how tough it is to write a post using my android, and so I bid you good day. Do come again.


Meet Mr. Zelinsky

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I want to introduce to the world one of my favorite authors. Before I tell you who he is, I have to start by saying that he inspired me to live the “Life of Riley,” and to live without constraints.

He is none other than – Ernie Zelinsky…. Yeah.. hark to thou on the highest!!! I am in debt to the simple wisdom I found in his book, “The Joy of Not Working.” Usually when I tell someone about his book and its title, they quaff at the idea of it being a good book. The book was lent to me from an ancient friend, and I’ve been trying to live the lifestyle I want every since.

The book set me on my way exploring the realm of self-development and the like. To be honest the book is more about having the right mentality for life, and facing endeavors head on. Zelinsky writes in way that flows natural, I feel that this stems from the ideas he tries to portray, and the innate simplicity of  their intent. On the other hand, actually “doing” what it takes can present somewhat of a challenge.

Now, and since the time that I read the book, I have seen the world through a lense made more clear. It sounds  a  little far-fetched, but that is what a good book can do. It might not the be the book that I am preaching about today…. it could be whatever book strikes a chord with you.

In passing I will share with you some the pictures that I took today while I was biking…. It was an exquisite scene, and I had to capture the beauty of the dying leaves in all of their splendor… I hope you enjoy.

I <3 Screenplays

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So, I started reading a new book by the name of “Vampyr.” It’s a screenplay by some old Danish bloke from the turn of the last century, but he sure can write!  I was captivated last night by Carl Theodor Dreyer’s take on the vampire story, and the weather totally struck a chord- there had been an eerie fog hanging across my town the past couple of days.

I think the writing style of a screenplay makes for a more intimate encounter between the reader and the characters being portrayed. I’m sure I just managed to fly atop a couple of heads just now… so, I will leave it at that… and suggest  finding a good screenplay to read.

Here is the short, screenplay inspired, story I wrote to a friend last night, whom wanted to awaken to an “awesome email in the morning!” :

Good Morning<3

ina’s bedroom

ina awakes from a restful sleep and slowly opens her eyes….she rubs them in a very cute way and then looks up at    her phone. She is absolutely enamored with something she has just seen and her cheeks take a rosy hue…
joseph’s bedroom
joseph sleeps very soundly, so much so the clamour of life that accompanies a normal household has no effect on what looks to be a sleeping giant. He turns ever so slightly in bed because he knows his little story to ina has just been read… and a profound happiness passes across his face, and his gentle lips curl upwards ever so slightly…
internet messaging phone world where joseph and ina interact

Joseph embraces Ina Nicole in a single ephemeral moment of complete ecstasy…an embrace in the form of writing- needless to say. And they spend the rest of day together …phone to phone… no rather, hand in hand :p

Library Book Love

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I just finished using a stack of book on interviewing skills and class room management. The stack consisted of over 12 books, but I ended up using only two of the books. I’m glad that I had all of them though because I just wanted to lounge around and take in information before my big interview……

So, I returned the books back in to my favorite library – The Downtown Library, in San Antonio, Texas. One of the reasons why I like the library so much is because they have an instillation from my favorite artist Dale Chihuly. He is a glass blowing artist from the Mediterranean, it’s called “Fiesta Tower” and it is worth a glance or two.

I managed to get a couple of books that struck my fancy, including  philosophy and anthropology. I am a pretty random reader. I really get into Science Fiction, but I’m trying to read more non-fiction. 

At the moment however I am reading a book called “Communion.” It’s about a person with a close encounter, and from what I have taken from it so far is that: using science, in the form of psychology, to prove the existance of small beings from another place. Yeah! I was surprised to find this book on my shelf. It turns out the book belongs to a friend of mine who is into the phenomenon. I have found Communion a decent read so far, but if it doesn’t pick up the pace… i’m going to have to start skipping chapters.

One final library note. “The Nook” a little cafe adjacent to the library has a fantastic Caramel Machiato<3

Adios amigos…

Turning Over a New Leaf

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See full size image

Today I had my final interview with Teach For America.

So… small update: I did make it to the next round, if you were following my last post; which you weren’t because I’m a bad blogger and don’t update my page like Scott H. Young my blogging inspiration.

Back to the turning of the leafs…. So yes! Today was my final interview. I spent the better half of last week preparing for it, and I feel like an enormous burden has lifted suddenly off my shoulders. I think the interview went well, but I will not hear back from TFA until Jan. 21st. I’m glad I put my best foot forward, and know the decision is out of my hands and that I can focus my attention on a new task….

My new task will be my job search. I went a little AWOL when I found out that I made it the final round for TFA – in a good way of course :p I am refocusing on the job thing now, and I have a couple of rocks that I can overturn this week. Hopefully I can align the stars somehow… and network myself into job.  I mean I am back in Texas! I should use my motherland’s natural resources, and i’m not talking about Mexican food and Mexican ladies <3,  for me… it is making the most from the networks I’ve built at St. Mary’s – my alma mater.

I hope you join next time and see where the leafs end up blowing <(*~*)>

On waiting…

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SO… Im having to wait for a while. Its a pretty common event, so i’m not sweating it. Hahaha…yeah! But this time – I’m kind of sweating it. AHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

 All of my plans ride on a decision that is out of my hands; and I am okay with that.  The plan takes me to epicenter of western civilization, and I will probably work more than I have ever in my life. I find a challenge in that and am looking forward to the sweet streets of New York, and the road to get there!

Monday, my mundane friend, holds my key to the next round, or, maybe not….


Bread is Life?

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Recently I saw a neighbor down the street who was gesturing towards me to get my attention. A sweet old woman who I have known all of my life met me in the street and in her hand was a bag full of bread she wanted to give to my family. It immediately made me think of an experience I had while traveling through Turkey. As I made my way through the hot streets of Istanbul, strolling through a quaint neighborhood I saw a man knocking on the windows of the small apartments lining the street. It was a baker! He would knock on the window to wake the person up and then hand deliver their daily bread.

It was a nostalgic feeling and it made think of the other cultures I have lived in, and how they interacted in regards to bread. In Ukraine bread is paramount. It is dark and fresh, fluffy and aromatic.  There is an old saying in Ukraine to never throw away any bread. In times of great famine bread was a main source of sustenance and even that was sparse. I remember being welcomed into the country with a huge, ornate, round loaf of fresh bread. Every meal I took while I lived as a guest with various families’ bread always accompanied the meal.

Now that I am in Texas I love making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with rich brown bread for my baby niece. But, mainly I take my bread here in the form of round tortillas.

I have even gone on to try and bake bread on my own. Let’s just say my banana bread will not evoke too many fond memories.