I <3 Screenplays

So, I started reading a new book by the name of “Vampyr.” It’s a screenplay by some old Danish bloke from the turn of the last century, but he sure can write!  I was captivated last night by Carl Theodor Dreyer’s take on the vampire story, and the weather totally struck a chord- there had been an eerie fog hanging across my town the past couple of days.

I think the writing style of a screenplay makes for a more intimate encounter between the reader and the characters being portrayed. I’m sure I just managed to fly atop a couple of heads just now… so, I will leave it at that… and suggest  finding a good screenplay to read.

Here is the short, screenplay inspired, story I wrote to a friend last night, whom wanted to awaken to an “awesome email in the morning!” :

Good Morning<3

ina’s bedroom

ina awakes from a restful sleep and slowly opens her eyes….she rubs them in a very cute way and then looks up at    her phone. She is absolutely enamored with something she has just seen and her cheeks take a rosy hue…
joseph’s bedroom
joseph sleeps very soundly, so much so the clamour of life that accompanies a normal household has no effect on what looks to be a sleeping giant. He turns ever so slightly in bed because he knows his little story to ina has just been read… and a profound happiness passes across his face, and his gentle lips curl upwards ever so slightly…
internet messaging phone world where joseph and ina interact

Joseph embraces Ina Nicole in a single ephemeral moment of complete ecstasy…an embrace in the form of writing- needless to say. And they spend the rest of day together …phone to phone… no rather, hand in hand :p


~ by Joseph Garza on December 16, 2009.

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  1. i love it :)

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